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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How Much Does It Cost?
    Each record that we analyze cost $.07 So let's say you want us to check 1,000 properties for you. The total cost would be $70
  • What Does Each Category Mean?
    - Likely: These are parcels which we have a high degree of confidence in having physical access. We call it likely, because not all physical access is legal. - Possibly: These are parcels which for some reason or another, we are not confident in access but are not sure there is no access. Some reasons a parcel may fall in this bucket are GIS lines that do not align with the mapping images or maybe it's next to a major highway where governments might not grant direct access. We separate items into this bucket so you can decide how confident you want to be when mailing based on access. - Unlikely: These are parcels which the maps do not indicate a physical road to the property. That does not mean there is not an easement or a small trail back to the property, but street maps can't detect anything large enough to qualify as a real road. - No Parcel: These are parcels which we could find no GIS parcel data on and therefore cannot determine the probability of access.
  • How Does It Work?
    We run each property you send us through our advanced image processors and then combine that with a manual spot check to verify the results.
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